Key Features of our Reputation Management Tool:

Failure to understand email marketing and how to optimize email campaigns for business-to-business And B2C transactions can lead to disjointed advertising efforts, low customer volume, and much business decline.

  • Personalized dashboard.
  • Real-time review monitoring and review creation
  • Unlimited email and SMS text messages.
  • Unlimited user names
  • Customizable review notifications
  • User-friendly interface
  • Secure administrative access
  • Complete data encryption
  • Integrations with over 100 major review sites.
  • Custom Review widget and scheduled reports 
Key Features of our Reputation Management Tool

Why Choose Us

Multi-language Support

We offer multilingual help for franchise business review generation, including Spanish and German. This enables us to serve any customer globally. While yet providing exceptional reputation management for multi-location brands.

Scheduled Reports

Once you sign up for our monthly subscriptions. You will receive detailed franchise company review reports every 30 days. The report includes both consolidated and individual campaign performance. Such as review score, star ratings, and review volume.

Dedicated Support Team

Have you got any urgent issues with your multi-location business marketing or enterprise review management campaign? Our professional Review Crew members are available to answer any inquiries by phone, email, or text.

Maximum transparency.

We provide online franchise shop reviews by market, region, and location. To help you make informed judgments. If you have any queries, our reputation managers are happy to answer them at your planned appointment.

Real-time Franchise Review Monitoring

You do not need to wait days or weeks to see your review score and volume. Our franchise reputation management platform includes real-time review monitoring. Allowing you to track the progress of your campaign at any moment.

Personalized Dashboard

The dashboard will have distinct accounts for each location. Allowing you to see which businesses are performing well. And which needs improvement in their review generation tactics. You can also get consolidated reports to view your complete organization's performance.

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